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(aka the goods. Ceremony, Cocktail hour, and reception coverage)

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Reception DJ Coverage

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(all packages include sound system rentals, mics, and MC services. We like to make it easy on ya.)


Hear my wedding mix!

Maybe! I love all types of music! However, even if I don't like your favorite music, thats okay!! Everyone has different tastes, and I will still play your favorite music!

Do you like the same music as me?

Yes! I’m open to all the crazy ideas that you can come up with! I've done everything from corporate events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, etc.

Do you do other events than just weddings?

I will send you a link to a questionnaire with all the important info questions (names, music, contacts, order of events, etc.), and we will go from there! Easy peasy.

How do I give you the music I want?

Yes! I make as many announcements as you need with enthusiasm and straight to the point. However, I won't be that annoying creepy DJ that doesn't. shut. up.

Do you MC? How often are you talking on the mic?

A pair(2) of smaller ceremony/cocktail hour speakers, a lapel microphone for your officiant, a handheld wireless microphone, two(2) larger cocktail hour/reception speakers + two (2) subwoofers, my DJ board (Traktor s4 mk3) + MacBook Pro, and myself!

What all is included in my service?


Funny you should ask....

Do you have more questions? Ask away!